Fake Matrix Items (Siblings) Extension for SuiteCommerce

Fake Matrix Items (Siblings) Extension - UnlockCommerce

Simplifying Product Relationships with Ease

We are excited to introduce our latest SuiteCommerce extension: the Siblings or Fake Matrix Items Extension. This solution is designed to enhance product management by mimicking native Matrix Item relationships, enabling a seamless Parent-Child hierarchy simulation without the need for actual matrix items.

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What Does the Siblings Extension Do?

The Siblings solution allows businesses to set up relationships between items, simulating the parent-child hierarchy typically seen with matrix items. This is particularly useful for managing related products that do not fit the traditional matrix item structure. By using custom records in NetSuite, the Siblings extension facilitates the creation of these relationships, offering a user-friendly way to manage and display related items.

Key Features of the Siblings Extension

Simulates the Parent-Child hierarchy without requiring actual matrix items.

Set up and manage item relationships through custom records in NetSuite.

Display related items as a single entity with specified sizes and pricing ranges.

Navigate between related items directly from the Product Detail Page (PDP).

Maintain the relationship context across different PDPs, providing a cohesive browsing experience.

How the Siblings Extension Works - UnlockCommerce

How the Siblings Extension Works

To illustrate the power of the Siblings extension, let’s consider an example involving three desk lamps. These lamps are distinct items but share a common trait that can be managed as a parent-child relationship. By configuring the Fake Matrix Items (or Siblings) information in NetSuite, you can set up these relationships to be reflected on the frontend.

Visualizing Relationships

On the frontend, only one item will be displayed, but with the ability to choose sizes and pricing based on the established relationships. This visualization closely mirrors how SuiteCommerce natively handles Matrix Items.

Enhanced Product Detail Page (PDP)

Once configured, the PDP will show the matrix item structure for the selected configuration options. For instance, if the relationship is based on “bulbs quantity,” you might have options like “1pc,” “4pc,” and “5pc.” Selecting any of these options will navigate to the corresponding item while maintaining the relationship context on the PDP.

How to Configure the Siblings Extension in NetSuite?

Fake Matrix Item Relation List1 - Unlock Commerce
To set up the Siblings Extension, start with the custom record configuration. Begin by entering the Title, which will be displayed as the parent item name. Select the main item to act as the parent, and if you want this parent item visible on the site, check the Display on Site box. The Join Field ID determines how different items will be categorized, similar to matrix options like Color or Size. Fields such as Max and Min and Price Range will auto-populate based on the related items. The PDP Items Title will appear above the various options on the Product Detail Page (PDP), so ensure it makes sense for the end customer and select it from a list record. Use the Sort Field to manage the order in which sibling items are displayed.

At the item level, after creating the custom record, the information is stored in the Matrix Items Info Field for both parent and child items. The parent item will have the Is Main Item checkbox checked, while the child items will have the Is Hidden Item checkbox checked, ensuring they are not visible on the Product Listing Page (PLP). By following these steps, you can effectively manage and display related items using the Siblings or Fake Matrix Items Extension in NetSuite.

How to Configure the Siblings Extension in NetSuite
Business Use Cases Fake Matrix Items - Unlock Commerce

Business Use Cases

1. Inventory Management

Simplify the management of related items that do not fit the traditional matrix item model.

2. Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide customers with an intuitive way to navigate between related products, improving their shopping experience.

3. Streamlined Product Display

Display related products as a unified item with options, reducing clutter and simplifying the browsing process.


The Siblings or Fake Matrix Items Extension for SuiteCommerce is a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance their product management capabilities. By simulating matrix item relationships without the complexity of actual matrix items, this extension provides a flexible, efficient solution for managing related products. Embrace the future of product management with the Siblings extension and elevate your SuiteCommerce experience.
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