SuiteCommerce Extensions

SuiteCommerce offers a flexible architecture that allows for customizations without compromising scalability. We can add new features, functionalities, and integrations as your needs evolve over time. Customizations help optimize processes, streamline operations, and support growth by adapting your platform to the changing business requirements.





Customizable extensions allow businesses to extend the capabilities of the SuiteCommerce platform beyond its out-of-the-box functionality.
Whether it’s adding new payment gateways, integrating with third-party services, or implementing specialized features, extensions enable businesses to adapt the platform to their unique requirements. Here are some of the most important ones:

Order Entry Extension for SuiteCommerce MyAccount (SCMA)

Elevate your SuiteCommerce MyAccount (SCMA) platform with our Order Entry extension, designed exclusively for businesses with an active SCMA license. This powerful extension introduces comprehensive e-commerce functionalities to your SCMA environment, allowing you to initiate new orders directly—a feature not available out-of-the-box.

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Delegated Purchasing

  • Custom Portal for Sales Rep
  • Login in behalf of a customer to place orders

Guided selling
Year / Make / Model

This extension allows an easy and fast way to search through the Commerce Catalog using facets available on the site

Add Accessories (UpSelling)

This feature consists in adding some addon items to the PDP parent item, items that normally the customer would buy altogether and served in a convenient way helping with Cross Selling of the item catalogue.

Cart takeover

Cart takeover feature is most commonly installed in B2B websites allows a smooth interaction between the Customer and the Sales Rep to help the Customer make the correct purchase from the SuiteCommerce site. Once the Customer is in the cart and logged in, they can have the ability to submit the cart for review to their Sales Rep. The Sales Rep can add, remove items from the customer’s cart or update the quantities and then can either submit the cart to the customer so that order gets placed from the site or the Sales Rep can even submit the order from NetSuite UI.

Kits (Build to order)

This extension provides the functionality to create product kits of a certain category

Shop by Brand

This extension provides a landing page where one can filter items by their brand

Questions and Answers

This extension provides a questions and answers section for each item

Item Badges

This extension lets you display labels, such as New, On Sale, or Best Seller, on a product. These badges appear on the product detail, product listings, and image carousel sections.

Multi Add To Cart (Sushi Menu)

This extension provides an option to add multiple items to the cart.

SuiteCommerce's Blog

This extension lets you add blog content to your website using Site Management Tools.

And More

Our extensions are designed to integrate seamlessly with the platform. They follow best practices and guidelines, ensuring compatibility and smooth interaction with the existing SuiteCommerce components. This integration facilitates the adoption and utilization of the extensions without disrupting the overall performance and stability of the online store.


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