SEO / Digital Marketing

What the SEO team offers

Our SEO team provides a focused set of Digital Market services that fulfill, supplement, or enhance customer eCommerce channels on the NetSuite platform.


SEO team special offers

These activities are by in large grouped into these offering categories
for Search Engine Optimization or organic traffic strategies:



For customers coming onto NS, we focus on moving their web traffic seamlessly to their new site to ensure they know how to make their content effective in NS.
This knowledge differs from generic DM guidance as it directly connects our customers with how to achieve goals and get the best use of NS.



New customers and existing ones who want to improve their organic traffic (SEO) or ensure their NS platform can be effectively leveraged as part of DM or multi-channel marketing campaign.



The world changes, DM changes fast, we have DM health check-ups that can help keep your capabilities on the NS platform in top shape.
We ensure new NS platform features and changes in the DM ecosystem are effectively operating on your web channel.



Things sometimes go wrong and DM needs to get back to par.
When it does, we have offers that can help you recover and get back on track.

Each of the 4 types of offers can be sized to fit your needs.

Important Points to Understand

Creating an effective strategy and implementation enables the customer a solid path to ‘FREE’ traffic exposure in search results.

More traffic to a site, the greater the opportunity to impact revenue.

Unlike Pay-per-click (PPC) strategies, SEO generates traffic without continuing to pay for advertising space and presents customers with the most cost-effective path to revenue. 

Creating a solid foundation to participate in the ever-growing ecosystem of digital marketplaces, affiliate networks, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a requirement for any business to compete online. Integration into that ecosystem enables customers to strategically decide where to spend their critical marketing dollars to achieve the best ROI.

Our offerings seek to provide customers with a strong foundation in SEO and Digital Marketing by enabling them to leverage their SuiteCommerce and NetSuite platforms to capture revenue at low costs.

  • NS platform Web Stores (SC/A & SB) through any of our product SKUs.
  • Each of the 4 types of offers can be sized to fit your needs.
  • SEO and Marketing services are the glue that makes external internet marketing tools like Google (Search, Web Tool, Tag Manager, Analytics, Marketplace, Feeds), Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Adobe, etc. work the with the NetSuite eCommerce platforms.

SEO and Marketing Services are the glue that makes external internet marketing tools like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Adobe, etc. work with the NetSuite eCommerce platforms.

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