What is UnlockReturns?

UnlockReturns is a cutting-edge Branded Returns Portal designed specifically for eCommerce businesses running on NetSuite. Built on top of NetSuite, UnlockReturns integrates seamlessly with Shopify, BigCommerce, and SuiteCommerce to automate and streamline the entire returns process.

With a flexible admin portal, retailers can easily update rules to adapt to their unique business requirements, ensuring a tailor-fit solution for every Return.

Problems it Solves

UnlockReturns is designed to address several common issues in eCommerce:

Complex Returns Process:

It simplifies the returns process, saving both businesses and customers time and effort.

Inefficient Manual Processes:

By automating the returns process, it eliminates the need for time-consuming manual work.

Poor Customer Experience:

UnlockReturns enhances customer satisfaction by offering a seamless, hassle-free returns process.


With UnlockReturns, businesses can enjoy numerous benefits:

Enhanced Customer Experience:

Deliver a seamless and hassle-free returns process for your customers, improving their satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved Efficiency

Automate the returns process to free up resources for other critical tasks.


Adjust the rules to match your unique business needs.

Branded tracking page

Provide the best post-purchase experience to drive customer loyalty and additional sales.


UnlockReturns works with major eCommerce platforms, allowing for easy integration into your existing systems.


With UnlockReturns, businesses can enjoy numerous benefits:

Automated Returns:

The platform manages the entire return process from start to finish, eliminating manual processes.

Flexible Rules:

Admins can customize the rules to fit specific business needs.


Get actionable insights into your post-purchase experience and returns performance.

Integrated Platform:

UnlockReturns works flawlessly with Shopify, BigCommerce, and SuiteCommerce.

Merchant Admin Portal:

This portal allows retailers to manage and oversee the entire process effectively.


Despite the potential benefits, businesses may face challenges when implementing a new system. UnlockReturns is designed to address these hurdles:

Integration with Existing Systems:
Our solution integrates with popular eCommerce platforms, simplifying the integration process.

Customization to Specific Needs:
Our solution integrates with popular eCommerce platforms, simplifying the integration process.

Managing Change:
We provide comprehensive support to help businesses seamlessly transition to the new system.

Control the entire returns experience. Get Started With UnlockReturns Today!