SuiteCommerce MyAccount.

SuiteCommerce MyAccount

What is SuiteCommerce MyAccount?

The SuiteCommerce MyAccount Portal helps you communicate with customers, work more efficiently, and provide helpful tools to allow your customers to see all the relevant information about their interaction and perform account-related activities online. You can also reduce customer support questions by providing anytime access to your knowledge base and document sharing.​

We have a dedicated team developing Custom Portals and creating amazing Self Service experiences. SuiteCommerce MyAccount can be customized to match your branding and can be extended to publish any record information. 


Key Features

Self-service customer portal solution that helps business buyers save time by enabling them to take care of routine tasks.


Manage billing and account balances


View and pay invoices


Request a refund, credit or return


Manage payment information


Quote management


Order history


File cases and check status


Drag and drop site management tools


Mobile optimized


SuiteApp extensions (native and third-party)

Key Features

Target Audience

Key Roles

CMO, COO, CTO, VP of Technology, VP of Sales, Director of Sales, Director of Operations, Director of Client Services, Sales Manager, Account Manager, Support Manager, Customer Retention Manager.


B2B products or services-based companies that don’t need a full SuiteCommerce online shopping experience


None. SuiteCommerce MyAccount does not include shopping and checkout functionalities common for full SuiteCommerce sites.

Value & Impact

Improve sales productivity by


generating more revenue per sales professional
Reduce costs by


of customer support
Improve by


of customer retention
Reduce costs by


of generating invoices and statements
Reduce costs by


of integration between NetSuite and third-party self- service web portal solutions, such as Zendesk and Hubspot

Discovery Questions, Pain Points and Value Proposition

Business buyers would prefer to complete routine tasks on their own without having to contact sales or customer service teams, it is all about saving time to complete the tasks they need to do.

By establishing a self-service online portal, business accounts are able to directly manage their purchase orders and invoices; they can easily check the status of outstanding deliveries and pay their bills whenever they want.

Pain Point

Sales reps spend too much time on routine tasks.

Manual billing activities slow down accounts receivable processing.

Customer service requests take too long to resolve, leading to poor satisfaction.

Discovery Question

How many sales and support reps does it take to support your B2B customers?

How long does it take to collect payments? Can you describe your AR processes?

How do you manage your customer support cases? How do customers check the status?


NetSuite Value Proposition

SuiteCommerce MyAccount enables business buyers to complete routine tasks on their own without having to contact sales or customer service teams

SuiteCommerce MyAccount allows business accounts to manage their purchase orders and invoices, so they can easily pay their bills online.

SuiteCommerce MyAccount enables users to submit
and review support cases online for faster resolution.

Objection Handling