Monkfield Reptile's Success Story:
Core Web Vitals Improvements

Monkfield Reptile

Company Overview: Monkfield Reptile


Monkfield Nutrition, founded in 1980, began as a breeder and supplier of insects to pet shops across the UK. Over three decades of innovation and dedication have transformed it into Monkfield Reptile, an internationally recognized industry leader that remains a family business at heart. Monkfield Reptile comprises three market-leading brands: Monkfield Nutrition, HabiStat, and Arcadia Reptile. They supply over 1,000 products to independent pet shops, specialist outlets, retail chains, wholesalers, zoos, and wildlife centers. With a commitment to educating and enabling reptile keepers, Monkfield Reptile ensures customers have the right resources to care for their animals properly.


Monkfield Reptile needed comprehensive improvements to their website’s performance. Catering to both B2C and B2B audiences, they faced significant challenges with slow loading times and poor organic traffic, negatively impacting their overall web presence and user experience. Enhancing their site’s speed and search engine indexability was crucial.


UnlockCommerce stepped in to provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Sitewide Core Web Vitals Performance: Optimizing for both desktop and mobile.
  • Product Detail Pages: Enhancing core web vitals performance.
  • Lazy Loading Implementation: Improving page load efficiency.
  • CSS and Site Assets Review: Auditing and enhancing CSS, images, fonts, and overall site configurations.
  • Schema Markup for Product Pages: Adding URLs to the schema markup protocol to display Google Video Snippets in search results.

The Solution UnlockCommerce Implemented

UnlockCommerce embarked on a rigorous enhancement project to address Monkfield Reptile’s needs, which included:

Core Web Vitals Performance Improvement

  • Improved desktop core web vitals by 25+ points.
  • Enhanced product detail pages to reach a 50+ score.
  • Boosted mobile performance scores across the website.

Lazy Loading Implementation

Integrated lazy loading to significantly improve Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) by loading page assets upon user interaction. This helped improve the initial loading time of their website, providing a smoother user experience.

CSS and Site Assets Review

  • Conducted a thorough review and enhancement of CSS.
  • Optimized site assets, including images and fonts.
  • Audited site configurations and settings to ensure optimal performance.
Schema Markup for Product Pages - Monkfield Reptile

Schema Markup for Product Pages

Added product page URLs to the schema markup protocol, enabling Google Video Snippets to appear in search results, enhancing visibility and engagement.


Kickoff: March 11 | Go Live: April 10


The project resulted in significant improvements in Monkfield Reptile’s website performance, customer experience, and SEO rankings. The site now boasts faster load times, improved core web vitals scores, and enhanced visibility in search results with Google Video Snippets.

Monkfield Reptile's website performance, customer experience, and SEO rankings

What Our Customers Have to Say


Monkfield Reptile’s partnership with UnlockCommerce has proven to be a tremendous success, delivering a faster, more reliable, and user-friendly website that meets the needs of their growing customer base. These enhancements not only bolstered site performance and SEO but also enriched user experience across both B2C and B2B segments. With improved core web vitals and enhanced visibility in search results, Monkfield Reptile is set for sustained growth in the competitive pet supplies market.

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Sustained growth and success - Unlock Commerce

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