Success Story:
Furnitureland South

Type: Migration to SCA

Location: Jamestown, NC

Category: B2C

Project Goals

The main goal for the project was to migrate the legacy eCommerce site into SuiteCommerce Advanced to take most out of the SUITE. It is a B2C model business and one of the key challenges was to maintain their Organic Traffic intact, not to lose any sales.


Key Features

Shop by Brand

Alphabetical listing of all Brands offered by Furnitureland South with an automation that enables linking to Product List Page for those Brands that have active Items on the Web Site.

Also, the navigation bar on the right side lets customers navigate directly to the desired letter to refine their search. 

Extensive CMS content on Product List Pages

Ability to add custom content to Product List Pages through the CMS.
These can include:

Contact List

Contacts List

List of Designer Profiles that can be searched and contacted to work on with. When clicked, each card will take you to a Profile Page for the Designer with key information such as a brief introduction, testimonials, quick introductory video and a contact link. 

Custom stepped registration form for Trade Direct Application

Custom registration form with different steps that can be navigated and the ability to add Files. Interesting fact to highlight is that customers, depending on their nature (individuals vs trade companies), will see a regular registration process or custom registration process with extra steps and information to be submitted. 

My Account

My Account

Fully customized My Account navigation with personalized sections. For this particular project the following sections were created:

Key Results

SuiteCommerce Advanced website was successfully launched and, most important, no organic traffic was lost which was the main concern of Furnitureland South. This can be reflected on the image in which it states that not only organic traffic was not lost but it was even improved after the launch.

Average time on page as well as Bounce rate metrics also improved for the new SuiteCommerce Advanced website.