Success Story:
Rare Parts


Type: SCA Upgrade to 2022.1 

Location: Stockton, CA 

Category: B2B and B2C Site

Project Goals

The main goal for the project was to merge the Fab Series and Rare Parts sites into a single website without losing any capabilities. On one side, the client needed to keep the Catalog grouping from Fab Series site and, on the other hand side, they needed to keep the Year/Make/Model functionality from the Rare Parts site.
All of the above needed to be accomplished without losing any organic traffic as well as working on an upgrade from SCA Elbrus Version to 2022.1.


Key Features

Year, Make, Model Searcher

The Guided Selling extension allows an easy and fast way to search through the Commerce Catalog using facets available on the site.
For this particular project, we needed to further customize the Year, Make, Model searcher in order for it to match the information structure that was already present on the account. Instead of using the available facets, the information is being pulled from a Custom Record, the Part Application Record.
This record stores key Item information.

Match Item Cell Height Extension

This extension matches the height of the Item Cell on the Product List Page.


Custom Information on Product List Page

Instead of natively pulling information from the Item Record, for the Rare Parts site we pull the information from the Part Application Custom Record.


Remove All Extension

Added the ability to remove all items from the Cart with a single click.

Stock Information

A customization was built to display stock information on the Product List Page as well as on the Product Detail Page.
Stock information messages can be handled through the Configuration Record.
The following information can be edited:

Custom Message on Items

For a specific set of items, Rare Parts has the need to show a custom message on both, the Product List Page and the Product Detail Page with a link to an external Page with a PDF.
Items should match a predetermined criteria in order for this Field to be automatically displayed.
Through the Configuration Record, the following information can be edited: