4 B2B Product Page Commerce Extensions you must have!

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Operating a B2B Commerce Site requires more than just replicating the shopping ease of a B2C site. It also means providing online capabilities that solve the unique challenges the online B2B world faces.

In order to help businesses achieve the above, NetSuite offers a wide range of Commerce Extensions that help integrate different features and functions that can be used to enhance Commerce websites. But are we all aware of the Commerce Extensions NetSuite has to offer? And most importantly, are we making good use of them?

Here we want to list 4 Product Page Extensions that will help you improve your B2B Commerce Site. Don’t worry if you don’t feel comfortable installing and configuring Extensions on your Site, you can always contact us and we will be willing to help you.

Grid Order

Grid Order Extension simplifies your customers shopping experience when you offer several variations of an item. 

When you activate this extension, items display purchasing options in a tabular format in place of the standard experience. This view enables users to buy multiple variations at the same time with just a single click.

Product Lead Time

The Product Lead Time extension lets you display the estimated wait time for an out-of-stock item to again become available for purchase. This extension uses NetSuite’s Lead Time feature to calculate the wait time.

What’s interesting about this feature is that you can choose the message to display on the product page and whether to show lead time as a daily countdown or date.

Back in Stock Notifications

The Stock Notifications extension lets users sign up for an email notification alerting them when an out-of-stock item again becomes available. If enabled, users see a stock notification option on the Product Details pages. Logged in users can visit the Stock Notifications tab of their My Account page to view details of the items to which they are subscribed, the notification statuses, and the option to cancel a notification.

After installing the Stock Notifications bundle, you will need to create the email template used to notify users that their item is back in stock. You must create an email template for the extension to work. To set up the notification email, create a new email template in NetSuite using a file included in the Stock Notifications bundle.

Apart from being able to have a custom Email Template to be sent, you have the ability to determine how Stock Notifications displays on your website by configuring some properties on the SuiteCommerce Configuration record. You can choose section titles, placeholder texts, feedback messages, and more.

Inventory Display

The Inventory Display extension lets you show stock status and available quantity on an item’s Product Details page (PDP). You can customize the behavior for different types of inventory, such as special order or drop ship items. You can also create an additional message to display when an item is low on inventory.

It is important to highlight that you can determine how Inventory Display appears on your website by configuring properties at the extension level and item level. Configuring properties at the extension level determines the settings for all items, but you can override these settings for specific items by configuring properties at the item level.


At UnlockCommerce, our team of experts will not only help you get any of the above mentioned Commerce Extensions installed on your Site but also make sure those features adjust to your needs in terms of functionality but at a look and feel level as well. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can work together to take your B2B Commerce Site to the next level.

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