Benefits of Package Tracking for eCommerce

In the bustling world of ecommerce, package tracking is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It’s the backbone that keeps customers satisfied and reduces inquiries about WISMO (where is my order?). An efficient order tracking tool provides more than just delivery status; it enhances the online shopping experience by providing real-time shipment updates.

Imagine an ecommerce business where every tracking number is accounted for, every tracking event logged accurately – this is what an effective order tracking system brings to your ecommerce shipping process.

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The Benefits of Package Tracking in E-commerce

Building Brand Awareness Post-Purchase

Ecommerce order tracking is not just a functional feature; it’s also a powerful marketing tool. It keeps your brand at the forefront of customers’ minds, even after purchasing.

For example, instead of sending generic shipping notifications, use this opportunity to reinforce your brand identity with customized messages and visuals.

Reducing WISMO by Half

WISMO (Where Is My Order?) inquiries can take up significant customer service time. However, you can cut these queries in half by providing real-time customer order tracking.

Statistics show that businesses implementing detailed package tracking saw a 50% reduction in WISMO-related calls and emails.

Getting Ahead of Delayed Shipments

Delayed shipments are inevitable in ecommerce fulfillment. But with proactive package tracking features, you can get ahead of these issues and manage customer expectations effectively.

Real-time alerts about potential delays allow customers to adjust their plans accordingly and reduce frustration.

Increasing Transparency with Real-Time Tracking

Package tracking improves transparency in the shipping process. Customers appreciate knowing exactly where their orders are and when they will arrive.

In a recent survey, 93% of online shoppers stated that live order tracking was an important factor in their overall shopping experience.

Planning for Package Arrival

With accurate delivery estimates from order tracking apps, customers can plan for package arrival and make necessary arrangements. This reduces missed deliveries and enhances customer satisfaction levels.

Service providers like DHL have reported fewer failed first-time deliveries after introducing predictive delivery windows through their app.

Reducing Risk of Lost or Stolen Packages

Real-time package tracking significantly reduces the risk of lost or stolen packages. Immediate updates allow both businesses and consumers to react quickly if something goes wrong during transit.

A case study from FedEx showed that incorporating advanced GPS-based tracking reduced parcel loss incidents by 30%.

Optimizing Logistics with Tracking Data

For businesses, the benefits of service order tracking go beyond customer satisfaction. The gathered data can be used to optimize logistics operations, identify bottlenecks, and improve overall efficiency.

A report from McKinsey revealed that companies using advanced analytics in their supply chain operations saw a 10-20% reduction in transportation costs.

One of the key strengths of UnlockShipping lies in its ability to integrate with major shipping carriers.

How Does UnlockShipping Help with Package Tracking?


UnlockShipping,  a user-friendly platform, built for ecommerce sites running with NetSuite (no matter if you are using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc) revolutionizes package tracking in e-commerce. It integrates with major shipping carriers and provides Package Tracking for buyers.

User-Friendly Platform

UnlockShipping’s platform is designed for ease of use. It allows customers to track their packages effortlessly.

  • Customers can check the status of their shipment at any time.
  • Shipping updates are provided in real-time.
  • The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.

This user-friendly approach enhances the overall shopping experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Integration with Major Carriers

One of the key strengths of UnlockShipping lies in its ability to integrate with major shipping carriers.

  • This integration ensures comprehensive tracking information.
  • Customers get access to up-to-date data from carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and more.
  • Businesses can offer multiple shipping options without compromising on transparency or efficiency.

Advanced Analytics

UnlockShipping doesn’t just stop at providing tracking information; it goes a step further by offering advanced analytics tools that help businesses monitor delivery performance and identify areas for improvement.

  • These analytics allow businesses to understand how well they’re meeting delivery promises.
  • They highlight potential issues that could be causing delays or dissatisfaction among customers.
  • By analyzing this data regularly, companies can make proactive decisions to improve their shipping processes.

For instance, if the analytics reveal that a particular carrier is consistently delivering packages late, the business might decide to switch to a different carrier or negotiate better terms with the existing one. This kind of data-driven decision-making can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and boost a company’s bottom line.


The value of package tracking in e-commerce cannot be overstated. It not only boosts customer trust but also enhances the overall shopping experience. UnlockShipping, with its robust package tracking feature, is an excellent tool for e-commerce businesses seeking to provide their customers with real-time updates about their orders. So why wait? Elevate your e-commerce business today by integrating UnlockShipping’s efficient package tracking system.

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