Ideas to Maximize your holiday sales with SuiteCommerce and CMS

As the old saying goes, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” 

Strategizing and harnessing the powerful tools SuiteCommerce provides, like CMS, is crucial to maximize holiday sales. These platforms can have a transformative impact on your business growth if used effectively. 

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Strategies to Maximize Holiday Sales with SuiteCommerce and CMS

SEO Optimization in SuiteCommerce

The holiday season is a gold rush for online sellers. To strike gold, you need to be seen, and that’s where SEO optimization features in SuiteCommerce come into play.

  • Optimize your product descriptions with holiday-specific keywords.
  • Use meta tags effectively to increase your site visibility.

These marketing strategies help your e-commerce platform rank higher in search engine results.

Create Personalized Landing Pages

Landing pages aren’t just a fancy term for any old page on your website. They’re custom-made and tailored to suit specific customer segments or products. Picture this: you walk into a store, and everything is laid out just how you like it. That’s what a good landing page does.

  • It puts the spotlight on your special holiday deals.
  • It guides customers directly to the products they’re looking for.

This isn’t just about making things look pretty. It’s about boosting sales!

Here are some examples of the Personalized Landing Pages we’d recommend:

  • “Gifts for” Landing Pages: Create different landing pages oriented to show gift ideas for target audiences (IE: Gifts for women, gifts for kids, gifts for men, gifts for grandparents, etc)
  • Blackfriday & Cyber Monday  Landing Pages: A landing page with merchandizing zones of all your discounted items, which can also be tematic (One merchandizing zone per “category”)

The Magic of A/B Testing

Now, let’s talk A/B testing. Sounds technical, right? Don’t sweat it! Simply, it’s like trying two different routes to see which gets you home faster.

  • You create two versions of your landing page.
  • Half of your visitors see version A, and the other half see version B.
  • You compare which version performs better.

The goal is to optimize landing page performance and maximize those holiday sales! 

SuiteCommerce offers third party tool integrations for this purpose.

Using Analytics Data to Refine Strategies

Last but not least, let’s chat about analytics data from these landing pages. This info can be used to refine marketing strategies.

Think of it as getting feedback from your customers without them having to say a word:

  • What products are they clicking on?
  • How long are they staying on the page?

This data can help identify what’s working and what isn’t. It’s like having a roadmap to your customers’ preferences!



Merchandizing Zones

Merchandising zones are powerhouse tools for boosting holiday sales. They guide customer purchase decisions and efficiently showcase special deals.

Reap the Benefits of Merchandising Zones

Merchandising zones, a fusion of categories and landing pages, are your secret weapon. They’re like your store’s GPS, guiding customers to their desired products.

  • These zones can highlight seasonal items or special deals.
  • They create a visual journey that entices customers to explore more.
  • Ultimately, they help maximize your holiday sales.

Influence Purchase Decisions During Holidays

During the holidays, everyone’s hunting for the best deals. Think of merchandising zones as your shop’s treasure map, leading customers to the gold.

  • Customers appreciate clear signposts directing them towards great finds.
  • The easier they locate what they want, the more likely they’ll buy.
  • Remember: A smooth shopping experience often leads to repeat visits!

Showcase Deals Effectively with Merchandising Zones

Here’s where SuiteCommerce and CMS flex their muscles! With these platforms, creating appealing merchandising zones is a breeze.

  • Use eye-catching graphics and persuasive copy to draw attention.
  • Highlight limited-time offers or exclusive products here.
  • Ensure each zone has a clear theme – ‘Holiday Decor’, ‘Black Friday Deals’, etc.

Create Kits or Groups of Items that Would Be Purchased Together as Gifts

Summing up the talking points, product bundling can boost your holiday sales significantly. Strategic pricing and effective presentation are vital to making these kits attractive.

The Power of Product Bundling

Product bundling is a smart move, especially during the holiday season. Why? It’s simple. People are looking for gifts, and what could be better than a ready-made bundle of items they’d love?

  • Think about it: You’re saving them time and effort.
  • Plus, you’re giving them an easy way to make their loved ones happy.
  • That’s a win-win situation right there!

Boosting Average Order Value

Now, let’s talk numbers. How does this strategy impact your bottom line? Easy peasy! Customers who add these bundles to their cart purchase more products in one go.

  • That means your average order value goes up.
  • And when that happens, so do your profits.

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Strategic Pricing for Bundles

Pricing is crucial. If priced too high, customers might opt for individual purchases instead. On the flip side, you risk losing out on potential profits if priced too low.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First off, calculate the total cost of all items in the bundle.
  2. Then, figure out a price point that offers value to customers while still ensuring you make a profit.
  3. Finally, compare this price with what competitors offer for similar bundles.

This way, you ensure your prices are competitive and attractive at the same time.

Effective Presentation Matters

Last but not least: presentation! How you present these bundled gifts significantly affects whether people will purchase them.

Consider doing the following:

  • Use high-quality visuals: Good pictures can sell anything!
  • Write compelling product descriptions: Tell a story with your words.
  • Highlight the savings: Show customers how much they save by buying the bundle.

Remember, people buy with their eyes first. So make sure your bundles look as good as they are!

Create Holiday Shopping Guides

Guides can either be part of the commercial Landing Pages, or standalone. 

The Magic of Shopping Guides

Holiday shopping can be a real headache, right? You bet! But with well-crafted shopping guides, your customers’ holiday shopping experience can turn chaotic and chill.

Shopping guides are like cheat sheets for shoppers. They help customers find what they need quickly and easily, making their holiday shopping a breeze.


So, you’ve got the low-down on maximizing your holiday sales with SuiteCommerce and CMS. It’s all about personalization, creating engaging landing pages, smart merchandizing, and playing around with discounts to create that sense of urgency buyers love. But remember, it ain’t just about selling products; it’s about providing an experience.

Are you ready to transform your online store for the holiday season? UnlockCommerce specializes in harnessing the power of SuiteCommerce to elevate your e-commerce experience. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you create personalized landing pages, specialized categories, and unique merchandising zones that resonate with your holiday shoppers.

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