Order Entry Extension for SuiteCommerce MyAccount (SCMA)

Unlock Enhanced E-Commerce within SuiteCommerce MyAccount

Elevate your SuiteCommerce MyAccount (SCMA) platform with our Order Entry extension, designed exclusively for businesses with an active SCMA license. This powerful extension introduces comprehensive e-commerce functionalities to your SCMA environment, allowing you to initiate new orders directly—a feature not available out-of-the-box.

Comprehensive Product Listings

Our extension enhances your SCMA by enabling you to list products with extensive details. Users can access a centralized product catalog featuring item titles, descriptions, images, SKUs, stock levels, and pricing—all customizable and updated in real-time.

Streamlined Cart Interaction

Simplify the purchasing process with the ability to add products to the shopping cart and initiate orders directly from the product listings. This seamless integration within SCMA ensures a cohesive user journey from product exploration to order completion.

Dynamic Updates and Real-Time Accuracy

Stay current with automatic updates to your product catalog. The extension uses a saved search mechanism to dynamically adjust the displayed products in response to changes, ensuring your customers always have access to the latest offerings.

Tailored Browsing Experience

Leverage customizable filtering and sorting capabilities to enhance user navigation and product discovery. These features are designed to adapt to the unique preferences and requirements of your customers, improving their browsing experience.

Built for SCMA and Secure Transactions

Our Order Entry extension is built on top of your existing SCMA setup, ensuring secure and efficient management of transactions. This enhances the reliability and robustness of your e-commerce operations.


SCMA License: An active SCMA license is required before installation.

Active Items Configuration: Ensure all items are marked as active and properly configured with essential details.

Website Visibility: Products must be set to “Display on Website” for cart functionality.

Accurate Pricing Information: Keep pricing details up-to-date and accurate for each product.

Backend and Frontend Workflow

The backend involves configuring a saved search to display desired items, while the frontend enriches the “My Account” section with a detailed and interactive product list. This setup ensures that the display of items is dynamic and responsive to your inventory changes.


See the Extension in Action

Watch our detailed demonstration on YouTube to see how the Order Entry extension transforms the SCMA experience, enabling new e-commerce capabilities directly within your existing framework.

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