Quantity Pricing and Max/Min Quantities

Quantity Pricing

SuiteCommerce provides a Quantity Pricing feature for customers who offer quantity-based price breaks. This feature uses the Search API to return an item’s quantity pricing details from NetSuite (in JSON format) and display results in a chart describing the pricing discounts available by quantity ordered. This information is collapsed by default and available at the shopper’s request by clicking or tapping on a link.

Quantity pricing information is available to shoppers in the following areas of your website:

  • Product details page

  • Quick View modal window

  • Quick Order page (Quick Order must be enabled)

  • Request for Quote page (Quotes must be enabled)

  • Product List Details page in My Account

  • Re-Order List Page in My Account

Min/Max Quantities

You can configure item records to enforce a minimum or maximum quantity on web store orders.

You can define a minimum quantity limit, a maximum quantity limit, or both.

Customers can submit an order only if the quantity of the item in the shopping cart complies with the limit you defined.

Good to know – Enforcing Min/Max Quantities per Customer is not possible as of today, without customization.

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