Success Story: GTC Customer Portal Transformation with SuiteCommerce

In the dynamic realm of mobile data and satellite internet services, Global Telesat Communications (GTC) stands as a paragon of innovation and global connectivity. However, even industry leaders face challenges that require transformative solutions. This story unveils how UnlockCommerce became an ally for GTC, embarking on a mission to revolutionize their B2B operations through advanced technological integration and strategic expertise. Discover how this collaboration enhanced GTC’s operational framework and set new benchmarks for efficiency and customer engagement in the telecommunications sector.

Company Overview: Global Telesat Communications

Market Position

Global Telesat Communications (GTC) stands prominent in the satellite communications industry. They specialize in providing reliable services even to the most remote locations on Earth. This focus has positioned GTC as a leader in their sector, known for innovative solutions.

Their expertise ensures that individuals and companies stay connected, no matter where they are. For example, adventurers exploring distant mountains use GTC’s equipment to call for help during emergencies.

Service Range

The company offers an extensive range of services tailored to diverse needs. Customers can choose from satellite phones, broadband internet, and tracking technology. These tools are crucial for seamless communication across vast distances.

By catering to various sectors such as maritime, aviation, and defense, GTC demonstrates versatility. A traveler might use a handheld satellite phone from GTC while a shipping vessel employs their broadband service for navigation.

Global Clientele

With clients spread worldwide, GTC commits to universal connectivity. Their global reach means support is available 24/7, ensuring users have access when they need it most. From NGOs operating in Africa to scientists conducting research in Antarctica – all rely on GTC’s network.

This commitment highlights the importance of communication across different spheres of work and life. Consider researchers who share data with colleagues globally; without GTC’s services, this would be far more challenging.

The Challenge

B2B Portal Needs

GTC faced a tough task. They had to improve their B2B services. Their retailers needed a better way to work with SIM activations, top-ups, and reports.
A new portal was the answer. It would fill gaps in customer service for GTC’s clients. This central place would let clients handle their needs quickly and easily.
Clients wanted real-time data, too. They needed to do transactions fast. A good portal could provide this.

SIM Management

Retailers at GTC dealt with many SIMs daily. They require strong tools to manage these SIMs effectively.
Tracking equipment was also crucial for them. Clients had to know where things were at all times.
They also needed good inventory oversight that worked well with what they already used in their businesses.

Integration Issues

GTC’s existing tech caused problems, too. Their old systems didn’t always play nice with new ideas.

Data silos made things hard as well. Information was stuck in one place when it needed to move freely across the company.

Security mattered a lot here, too—clients’ data had to stay safe while moving between systems.

The Solution UnlockCommerce Implemented

SuiteCommerce Adoption

UnlockCommerce tackled the challenge by adopting SuiteCommerce MyAccount (SCMA). This platform transformed the customer portal experience. It allowed for a customized interface tailored to client needs. Customers found managing their accounts and processing orders easier than ever.

The design principles were user-friendly, making navigation simple. For instance, a customer could view their order history with just one click.

NetSuite Integration

NetSuite played a pivotal role as the central hub in this success story. It ensured all information flowed seamlessly between SCMA and various service providers.

This integration meant that when customers updated information on SCMA, it was instantly reflected in NetSuite—and vice versa. Such connectivity is crucial for real-time data accuracy.

Customization Benefits

Customizing SuiteCommerce led to significant benefits:

  • Streamlined account management.
  • Efficient order processing workflows.

By focusing on these areas, users experienced less friction during interactions with the portal.

Celigo’s Use

Celigo’s also came into play, leveraging its powerful automation capabilities. With pre-built templates from Celigo, complex integrations became straightforward tasks.

Thanks to Celigo’s robust solution, data flow improved across systems—ensuring vital information was always at hand without manual intervention or delays.


Operational Efficiency

The GTC customer portal revolutionized operations. It slashed manual tasks and errors. This shift led to quicker transactions and faster responses.
Companies save money with smoother operations. The portal cuts costs by integrating efficient processes. These savings are reflected in the bottom line.


Retailer Experience

Retailers now enjoy an improved online environment. The design focuses on users, making navigation easy. Personalized dashboards offer tailored data at a glance.

Support is quick to access, with self-help options available around the clock. This empowers retailers to find solutions fast, enhancing their overall experience.


Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers became a trend for GTC thanks to the new system. Satisfied clients often return, boosting loyalty and repeat business rates.

GTC’s reputation soared as service quality improved visibly. Positive experiences fostered strong brand allegiance among consumers.


Market Leadership

Innovation kept GTC ahead of its rivals in a competitive market space. By adopting cutting-edge technology, they cemented their industry authority.

Success stories attracted new clients eager for similar results from GTC’s offerings.


Closing Thoughts

Global Telesat Communications’ journey with UnlockCommerce turned a challenge into a triumph, showcasing the power of innovative solutions in customer service. Their success story isn’t just inspiring—it’s a blueprint for you to revolutionize your customer portal. Imagine the satisfaction of watching your business soar as theirs did, with increased efficiency, happier customers, and a robust bottom line.

Ready to leap? Get in touch, and let’s chat about transforming your customer experience. Together, we can write your success story.