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UnlockShipping: An insight into the technology

We are delighted to announce that UnlockCommerce is launching its first SaaS product: UnlockShipping. It is the first of many SaaS applications on our roadmap aimed to solve problems in the NetSuite ecosystem that are not being attended to by the platform. 

This product belongs to a series of products which are focused on the Customer post purchase experience. Why? Because we strongly believe that post purchase experience is key to retain customers and make a difference in a competitive market. For this reason, we want to make sure we provide solutions that help our customers grow their businesses.

You can find more material about UnlockShipping and its key characteristics here.

What is UnlockShipping?

UnlockShipping is an integrated NetSuite App to deliver engaging, on-brand post-purchase order tracking experiences that drive revenue, reduce WISMO calls, and build loyalty. What’s most important about it is that it is 100% built for NetSuite.

If you are looking to reduce customer support tickets, automate branded shipping notifications, and generate additional revenue that will keep your customers happy and informed while they’re waiting for their package to arrive, UnlockShipping is what you are needing.

UnlockShipping is a cross channel solution that is available to all NetSuite customers. No matter if you are running an eCommerce store in Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento or SuiteCommerce, UnlockShipping can be integrated to your Site to make the most out of your post-purchase experience.

Main Features

  • Branded tracking page for your customers.
  • Shipment visibility for your customer service team.
  • Works well with all eCommerce platforms – Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SuiteCommerce and others. 


  • Build brand awareness post-purchase.
  • Reduce WISMO by half.
  • Get ahead of delayed and lost shipments in expensive items.

About the technology

Digging a bit deeper on the technology behind the scenes, as the diagram shows, we have built a layer of code that allows systems to interact in the most secure and scalable way to NetSuite APIs. In this way, modular frontend experiences can be easily developed and integrated to NetSuite having it always as the main source of truth. All data is requested and saved in NetSuite, there is no other DataBase involved in between to store any information. We call this data layer, Unlock Portal API. 

Based on our Unlock Portal API, we can create countless frontend experiences as Mobile Apps (hosted in Apple App Store™ or Google Play Store™) or Web Apps using the best and latest technologies known in the industry that would consume data from the Unlock Portal API. This will not only grant you infinite alternatives but also assure you top notch technology will be used for every integration with the Unlock Portal API.

We have created UnlockShipping using Unlock Portal API technology and it can also be used to build any NetSuite Custom Self-Service Portal experience in the B2B or B2C world for Merchants using NetSuite.

To learn more, please have a look at our services page that explains how this process works.

Just to help you get a better understanding of what can be achieved with the Unlock Portal API, we’ve put together a List of some B2B experiences that serve as a good example of the versatility of this technology: 

  1. Vendor/Partner Portal
  2. Employee Portal
  3. Customer Experience Portal
  4. Customer Support Portal
  5. Sales Rep Portal 
  6. Order Tracking Portal
  7. Warranty Portals
  8. Customer Loyalty Experience Portal

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn how UnlockShipping can be integrated with your Site.

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