Unveiling the SuiteCommerce 2023.2 Release: A Non-Technical Overview

We’re thrilled to introduce the SuiteCommerce 2023.2 release, packed with improvements for User Experience, Conversion Rate Optimization, and new dev facilities. 

Table of Contents

1. Out of Stock Message Refinement

What's New?

Now, when an item is out of stock, SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced provide an error message that details the exact quantity unavailable. This improvement makes it easier for users to make decisions, improving their user experience and potentially Conversion Rate.

2. Shopping Cart - Smarter Quantity Updates

What's Changed?

In the 2023.2 release, modifying item quantities in your shopping cart is more seamless. Instead of removing and re-adding items, a call to the Commerce API now updates quantities directly. This enhances shopping cart performance, excluding matrix items, which retain the original approach.

3. SuiteCommerce Extension Management Evolves

What's Enhanced?

The SuiteCommerce Extension Management bundle (version 2023.2) brings exciting updates. 

  • Custom Theme Support: Craft your own theme effortlessly using the new architecture and gulp command.
  • On-screen Theme Updates: Receive alerts for Base Theme updates and custom theme changes.

4. SuiteCommerce Base Theme Makeover

What's Fresh?

The SuiteCommerce Base Theme receives a makeover:

  • Visual Enhancements: Enjoy a refreshed theme, including improved header, footer, and MyAccount areas.
  • New CMS Areas: Discover new areas in the footer and MyAccount for a more intuitive experience.
  • Four New Skins: Choose from Aqua, Dark Mode: Green, Deep Sea, and Earth for a personalized touch.

5. Introducing a New Theme Creation Method

What's the Buzz?

The 2023.2 release brings a game-changer: gulp theme:create. This gulp command revolutionizes creating custom themes based on the Base Theme, allowing quick adaptation to new features and updates.

How to:

Get started with creating your custom theme using the New Command to Create a Custom Theme.


6. Configuration Properties Status

What's the Word?

No new SuiteCommerce configuration properties have been added in the 2023.2.0 release. Stability and reliability remain the focus.

7. Node.js Continues to Power SuiteCommerce

What's the Requirement?

For developers using the 2023.2.0 release, ensure compatibility by using Node.js version 14.19.0. This powers the Theme, Extension, and core SCA 2023.2 developer tools.

Set Up Node.js:

Discover how to install Node.js for a smooth development experience.

8. Third-Party Library Updates

What's Upgraded?

Stay in sync with the latest technologies! The 2023.2.0 release includes updates to several third-party libraries. Ensure your themes and extensions are compatible by making necessary adjustments.

Check Compatibility:

Review the changes in the distro.json file and make sure your implementation aligns with the updated libraries.

9. Issue Fixes

What's Resolved?

Rest assured, the 2023.2.0 release includes all minor fixes, improvements, and security updates from the previous release (2023.1.x Minor Releases).

Stay Secure:

For a detailed look at the fixes, improvements, and security updates, refer to the 2023.1.x Minor Releases.

In conclusion, the SuiteCommerce 2023.2 release is a testament to our commitment to providing an exceptional online shopping experience. We hope this non-technical overview helps you navigate the exciting new features seamlessly.

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