What we know about NetSuite Ship Central

During SuiteWorld 2022, NetSuite announced what could be one of the most important improvements for Warehouse Operations: “NetSuite Ship Central”. 

What is NetSuite Ship Central?

NetSuite Ship Central is a mobile application that helps organizations optimize operations, eliminate manual processes, and accelerate customer deliveries. The solution equips warehouse workers with packing and shipping capabilities on a mobile or kiosk device.  

How can Warehouse Operations benefit from it?

As Evan Goldberg [Founder and EVP, Oracle NetSuite] mentioned during the release of this feature in SuiteWorld 2022, “now, more than ever, warehouse operations are under pressure to increase output without additional resources to do so”.

Basically, NetSuite Ship Central is NetSuite’s answer to those struggles. Further quoting Evan Goldberg’s speech, “with NetSuite Ship Central, we are extending our capabilities to help customers further automate time-consuming warehouse operations to increase output and efficiency. By making it easier to consolidate shipments, adjust shipping routes for cost efficiency, and customize workflows to meet business demands, Ship Central provides intelligence and insights to further optimize the fulfillment process, decreasing cost and increasing customer satisfaction.” 

What can be achieved with NetSuite Ship Central?

With NetSuite Ship Central, organizations can: 

  • Locate Shipments Easily
  • Combine Multiple Shipments 
  • Work Across Multiple Shipping Carriers 
  • Print and Reprint Labels at Any Point  
  • Track Packages in Real Time: Provide customers a more transparent experience by allowing them to track the precise location of products in real time via carrier tracking numbers.  
  • Customize Ship Processes: Improve the efficiency of warehouse operations by giving teams the ability to modify workflows to support unique business requirements. 

How does Ship Central interact with WMS?

Along with WMS [Warehouse Management System], Ship Central helps optimize daily Warehouse operations by providing end-to-end capabilities along the process of picking, packing and shipping orders. How is this accomplished? Basically, by eliminating manual processes and unnecessary intermediate steps along the preparation of shipments which translate in a reduction of costs. 

UnlockShipping: The perfect complement to take your Shipping experience to the next level!

As mentioned, Ship Central along with WMS will help businesses optimize processes along the day to day operations within the Warehouse by enabling them to be more efficient during the pick, pack and ship process. But have you thought about what happens after an order leaves the company facilities? How can this make a visible impact among the customer that’s waiting for their order?

UnlockShipping is the answer to those questions. At UnlockCommerce we’ve developed an integrated NetSuite App to deliver engaging, on-brand post-purchase order tracking experiences that drive revenue, reduce WISMO calls, and build loyalty. Basically, UnlockShipping is everything you need to take your order tracking experience to the next level. 

With UnlockShipping, get insightful tracking data in one place to resolve delivery incidents faster, expose your shipping updates, manufacturing work orders statuses, etc.

Key Benefits

  • Build brand awareness post-purchase.
    Customers check their order status an average of 4.6x per order, making order tracking one of the most visited pages across the entire customer experience. UnlockShipping now gives your brand control of the experience.
  • Reduce WISMO by half. 
    “Where is my order?” (or WISMO) are often the majority of support tickets. Reduce WISMO support tickets by providing customers the ability to track their orders on your website.
  • Get ahead of Delayed Shipments.
    Shipment issues are bound to occur, so make them less painful for your customers. UnlockShipping lets you notify your customers on the delayed status of their package and direct them to more information about their shipment.

If you want to have full control over the entire shipping experience, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how UnlockShipping can be the best complement to Ship Central.

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