NetSuite SuiteCommerce MyAccount Launched!

NetSuite announced the release of NetSuite SuiteCommerce MyAccount for North America (USA and Canada). This offering allows customers to offer a 24/7 Self Service portal to customers. Similar to SuiteCommerce but it doesn’t include the Search API (Catalog), and Cart and Checkout. 

Key Benefits

• Improve customer satisfaction by giving business buyers easy access to manage their accounts.

• Lower costs by reducing support requests with online self-service resources and tools.

• Streamline billing with the ability to view account balance, invoices, and transaction history, as well as make payments against invoices.

• Simplify the quoting process by allowing buyers to convert a quote to an online sale.

In this recently released Data Sheet, you can get a snapshot of the product features and functionalities

Though B2B buyers’ expectations have certainly been impacted by the experiences they are used to in their personal buying lives, B2B and B2C eCommerce have important distinctions that cannot go ignored. At UNLOCK, we talk a lot about how the fundamental purpose of B2B eCommerce is different than that of B2C eCommerce. B2C eCommerce is about maximizing sales. Though B2B eCommerce drives revenue as well, it is also about enabling your team and your customers to be more efficient. An eCommerce engine built specifically for Self-Service accelerates the productivity of every single person involved in the buying experience – not just the customer.

This is great news, and aligned with Unlock’s vision of B2B Commerce in NetSuite. One of our main focus is Customer Portals in SuiteCommerce, and we have focused on extending it to include additional features

Contact us if you are looking to implement, extend, and/or enhance your Customer Portal in NetSuite and start offering Self-Service.

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