Kitchen Warehouse

Rebuild of KWH checkout experience

Company description: Kitchen Warehouse is the leading kitchenware in Australia with the largest stores in the country. They also sell their products in New Zealand and Singapore. Providing a wide range of kitchenware products, they offer the big brand names and expert advice to their customers regarding their tools needed.

Problem to resolveThere were two main problems to resolve:

  • A wide number of customers didn’t finish their checkout process once they started it with already selected products to buy. A study of the UX of the site was necessary to solve the different facts that made the checkout steps confusing, which provoked the abandonment in the purchase operation.
  • The client wanted to upgrade the version of the site due to the slow loading that the checkout was having, (another fact that made the checkout experience less pleasant for the users).

How did UnlockCommerce help to solve the problem:

  • To optimize the load timing of the pages, we upgraded the site from their SCA Pre-Denali version to SCA Kilimanjaro.
  • We started with a deep study of the checkout steps by making several user testing as well as taking information from their own user testing records. We pointed out the flaws of the steps in the checkout which made the procedure confusing to the customers, which could be causing their abandonment.

One of the principal facts that caused confusion were the different scenarios that users can create to buy a product. Click and Collect and Delivery are the two options that can be chosen for buying items. The generation of mix orders, (some products for delivery, and some products to collect at a determined store), caused uncertainty about which item corresponds to each of the selected possibilities.

Also, communicating when an item is no longer available for a desired option was also part of the several variants that could possibly appear in the first step of the process.  All this information created disorientation when more than one possibility was generated in the first step of the checkout, preventing the user from understating the status of each ordered product. A new design for a correct and clearer layout was necessary to display all the possible cases in a friendly and understandable way.

Based on all the conclusions, we redesigned the checkout layout to improve the UX by making the steps more comprehensible and visually clearer. Also, we add messages to warn when an item is not available for Delivery or determined store, as well as to notify every time a change is made in an item, so the user can see instantly what is going on. 


  • Due to the upgrade to the SCA Kilimanjaro version, the checkout pages improved in loading time and efficiency. The navigation during the checkout became more fluid and dynamic, minimizing the wait time between each step of the operation.
  • The new designed layout showed in a more organized way the different scenarios that were generated during the decisions that users make along the checkout.
  • With all these solutions, the checkout process was speeded up and facilitated
  • This is an ongoing project in which we will be evaluating over time all the real results and experiences that users are having with this new proposal.

Project Details


Kitchen Warehouse


July 2021


B2C eCommerce