Success Story: Aurora Products


Client Background:

Aurora Products is a Family owned business, operating since 1998 in the food industry, more specifically in the All Natural and Organic assorted nuts, dried fruits, granolas and trail mixes. Celebrating more than 24 years of success, Aurora Products has gone from having 4 employees and a small warehouse space to becoming one of the leading All Natural and Organic food brands in America.

Another Success Story for UnlockCommerce! Struggling with B2B order management? We feel your pain! See how Aurora Products streamlined their ordering process and boosted customer satisfaction with our custom SuiteCommerce My Account (SCMA) Order Entry Portal.

Aurora Products background and introduction:

Aurora Products, a family-owned business established in 1998, specializes in all-natural and organic nuts, dried fruits, granolas, and trail mixes. Over 24 years, it has grown from a small operation with four employees and limited warehouse space to a leading brand in America’s organic food industry.


Aurora Products faced challenges in managing B2B orders, which were processed manually from customer emails. This tedious system led to inefficiencies and potential errors, hindering their operational capabilities.


Aurora Products recognized the need to streamline their manual, email-based B2B order process, which was burdensome and error-prone, to maintain their high standards of customer service and operational efficiency.

Cost of Inaction:

Continuing with manual order processing could significantly increase operational costs and risk errors, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential loss of market share for Aurora Products. This inaction might not only strain financial resources but also damage the brand’s reputation and competitive standing.


To address the challenges faced by Aurora Products in order management, UnlockCommerce designed and developed the SCMA Order Entry Portal. This innovative solution is integrated within the Suite Commerce My Account section, offering a centralized and user-friendly platform where B2B customers can easily access and browse a comprehensive list of products. The portal enables users to swiftly add items to their cart, simplifying the purchasing process and significantly enhancing the overall user experience. This strategic deployment not only streamlines operations but also empowers Aurora Products to better serve their customers with efficiency and reliability. Have a look at how the Order Entry Extension works for SCMA. 


The implementation of the SCMA Order Entry Portal by UnlockCommerce has yielded positive outcomes for Aurora Products. Since its introduction, there has been a steady increase in the number of clients utilizing the portal, indicative of its effectiveness and user-friendliness. Moreover, the absence of complaints from users confirms that the portal is functioning seamlessly, meeting, and even exceeding expectations. This enhancement in order management has not only improved operational efficiency but also reinforced customer satisfaction and trust in Aurora Products, contributing to a more robust and competitive market presence.

Rebound Question:

As Aurora Products continues to thrive with the SCMA Order Entry Portal, we are keen to explore further enhancements and new features to keep our solutions at the cutting edge. We invite users to share their feedback: Are there additional functionalities they would like to see integrated into the portal? How can we make your order management experience even smoother and more efficient?