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4 B2B Product Page Commerce Extensions you must have!

Operating a B2B Commerce Site requires more than just replicating the shopping ease of a B2C site. It also means providing online capabilities that solve the unique challenges the online B2B world faces.
In order to help businesses achieve the above, NetSuite offers a wide range of Commerce Extensions that help integrate different features and functions that can be used to enhance Commerce websites. But are we all aware of the Commerce Extensions NetSuite has to offer? And most importantly, are we making good use of them?


SuiteCommerce 2022.2 is out!

NetSuite 2022.2 latest release has been rolling out to customers since mid August. This release includes several interesting features and enhancements that you might need to know about. 


Success Story: TOV Furniture

The main goal for the project was to migrate their Magento Site into SuiteCommerce to take most out of the SUITE. Key Features TOV Furniture was looking to implement were Price Levels, Faceted Search, Dynamic Commerce Categories and Inventory Information.


Self-Service & Portals Value.

There has been a strong trend lately in B2B services where customers are gravitating towards embracing their own customized and preferred experience.


SuiteCommerce A.A.A. Implementation.

The answer to your time constraints issues around building SuiteCommerce Sites. In a fast moving and dynamic context in which change and evolution are the only constants, we get the importance of providing high quality services that can help our Clients always stay ahead of the game.
Today, having an eCommerce site is a must for almost anyone that’s willing to sell a product or service. Long gone are those days in which being able to sell online was a nice to have or a cool addition to the sales channel.


UnlockShipping: An insight into the technology

We are delighted to announce that UnlockCommerce is launching its first SaaS product: UnlockShipping. It is the first of many SaaS applications on our roadmap aimed to solve problems in the NetSuite ecosystem that are not being attended to by the platform.


NetSuite Tools that help you optimize your Site

All of us are constantly hearing about the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how getting this right can help you grow your eCommerce business, but are we all aware of the Tools NetSuite has to offer? And most importantly, are we making good use of them?

Success Story: FurnitureLand South

The main goal for the project was to migrate the legacy eCommerce site into SuiteCommerce Advanced to take most out of the SUITE. It is a B2C model business and one of the key challenges was to maintain their Organic Traffic intact, not to lose any sales.