SuiteCommerce Pricing Update

NetSuite SuiteCommerce pricing is based on a subscription-fee model. The great thing about how SuiteCommerce is priced is that unlike other cloud ecommerce platforms it doesn’t charge a Transaction Fee… so it is really easy to understand your true ROI and TCO for your commerce platform. Also, there is no need to integrate or connect SuiteCommerce to NetSuite as it is built-in NetSuite.

SuiteCommerce comes in two offerings:

SuiteCommerce: True SaaS eCommerce offering with automatic upgrades. It can be extended on top of the extensibility layer. 

SuiteCommerce Advanced: Same as SuiteCommerce but you can access the core code of the application and because of this, seamless and automatic upgrades are not an option. You still can upgrade to the latest SCA version manually.

SuiteCommerce is known to be limited when compared to SuiteCommerce Advanced, but it isn’t at all. 

SuiteCommerce Pricing

With SuiteCommerce, you are looking at a subscription fee of $2,500+/month, while SuiteCommerce Advanced is likely to cost you upwards of $5,000/month. These are prices for North America.

Download the latest SuiteCommerce Data Sheet

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